Dr Zach de Beer was committed to the development and upliftment of the youth regardless of race, sex or creed. He relentlessly fought

Medical doctor, politician and leader of the Progressive Federal Party (PFP) and chairman of Anglo-American mining company

Zach de Beer was born in 1928 in Cape Town, South Africa. Throughout his life De Beer maintained that his father shaped his persona politically.

President Nelson Mandela paid tribute yesterday to veteran politician Zach de Beer, who died of a stroke earlier in the day at his city home.

AT THE moment of celebration at the ending of apartheid, the political career of Zach de Beer came simultaneously to fruition and defeat

Zach de Beer, who has died aged 70, was one of the handful of South African politicians who kept a flame of liberal idealism alight through years of darkness.

As we meet to pay a tribute to Zach de Beer each one of us will remember him from the perspective of the personal relationship we had with him.

Former Progressive Federal Party leader COLIN EGLIN pays tribute to one of his closest political half a century.